2. Visitu Welcome Kit

Visitu Mobile App Instructions

Steps for setting up the Visitu app NOTE: Users must be registered at a Visitu location in order to log in to the app.

Download the app here:  Apple Store   Google Play  

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The steps for logging into your Visitu account

  1. Download the Visitu app from the app store
  2. Log in one of two ways
    1. Phone Verification - receive a text notification with a code
    2. Email Verification - receive a link that will redirect you back to the app

The tabs in the app

  1. The QR code under the Badge tab will be used for quick check-in's, as it can be scanned by kiosks
  2. Under the Students tab, this is where parents can view the students that are linked to them
  3. The Notifications tab will show any updates on your profile, alerts, or check-ins